The company

... is located in the Bavarian uplands, about 50 km south of Munich.

Lipomaidsan Cosmetic Production GmbH has specialised from the beginning in manufacturing lip-treatment products in stick and tube form. We manufacture in Germany in accordance with the well known high quality standards as for example DIN ISO 22716.

The goal

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

We sign for the maximum relation quality price, a maximum in deliver reliability and a maximum in agility and flexibility due the needs of our clients.

Communication between customers, employees and suppliers is very important to us and is the prerequisite for our service-oriented attitude.

Our clients thanks for that with loyalty over the long term

For our customers

  • we develop formulae
  • we have the product documentation (PID) available, as required by law
  • we initiate the safety assessments and CPNP reports
  • we initiate efficacy tests, for example the UVA Protection Factor due international standards
  • we make the filler
  • we provide all the packaging
  • we carry out blister packaging after filling on our own premises
Everything from one source: development, production, packaging, shipping, service.


Our customers require formulae produced without paraffinic oils and waxes.

Preferring the only use of plant-based raw materials.

Of course we also offer formulae due different organic standards like BDIH, NATRUE, COSMOS.